Thursday, 13 January 2011

DIY: crayon cakes

Recently I made some 'crayon cakes' for my friend's 18 month little boy; they're a great idea for little hands that haven't quite got the hang of normal sized wax crayons, and they're really easy to make.

 Just take an assortment of wax crayons and snap them into bits.  Arrange them into whatever colour combination you like and place them in miniature silicone cupcake holders.  Meanwhile, turn on your oven and wait until it reaches a moderate heat.

 When your oven is hot enough, place the cupcake holders onto an ovenproof tray and into the oven.  Watch them carefully, and keep testing them every few minutes as if they cook for too long the wax will separate from the colour and will look strange.

When they're done take them out carefully (with oven-gloves) and stir them a little with a cocktail stick.  Wait for them to cool and harden, and viola... crayon cakes!!

Apologies for not having a photo of the end result (lame!); I'll have to make some more to show you what they look like finished.  Cheerio xx

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