Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tuesday's Tune: Everything Everything

It's come around quick but here it is... the second tune for Tuesday.  How was your bank holiday weekend (UK people)?  Mine was fun and food-filled.  We went down to Cardiff to visit some friends and managed to catch a food festival whilst we were there - lots of yummy stuff in and around my mouth!

The tune I've picked for today is from another one of my favourite bands - Everything Everything.  I love the whole of their first album, but I've picked a track I think will get anyone going and put a bounce in your step.

So there you go - awesome yeah?  Let me know what you think.  If you like this you'll love the rest of the album; trust me.

Be back sooner next time.  Lois x

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Inspired: Jazmin Berakha

By chance I stumbled across this amazing artist from Buenos Aires via Fossil BlogI'm completely in love with her embroideries and feel really inspired to try something similar with different types of media.

Aren't they lovely?  Let me know what you think.

I'm going to bed now as I'm pooped!!  Betty woke me up at 5:45am howling in the kitchen as she needed to go wee really bad (I'd probably howl too - it's not her fault).  So I was up early walking her in the rain and need an early night now to recuperate.   Up early again tomorrow though for work; but hopefully it'll go fast because we have some good friends coming over for the night who we haven't seen in ages!  Then off to Cardiff on Saturday (early again) for another friendly get together - plenty of food, wine, song and good times.

Goodnight x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday's Tune: Metronomy

Hello folks!  Welcome to my new feature where I will be sharing music that I love with you every Tuesday in the hope of making you smile, have a little boogie or maybe show you something you've never heard before.
I obviously picked Tuesday because it's the best day (I was born on a Tuesday - "full of grace" - ahem!) and it has nothing to do with alliteration at all *wink*.

So the first song I've picked is from one of my favourite bands' latest album...

I've been listening to this song loads ever since it came out and I'm still not sick of it.  Hopefully I'm going to see them in September as they're playing in Sheffield - woohoo!  Anyway, I hope you loved this as much as I do.  Let me know what you think.

- Lois xx

Monday, 22 August 2011


Hello folks!  It's been a while since I've updated my wishlist, so I'll try not to bombard you with millions of things I've been coveting these past couple of months and keep it relatively short (!).  So here we go...

I love love love this vintage screen print I found on Etsy a while ago.  I still can't believe it's not sold (must mean it's meant for me - yeah?).

It's not quite the weather yet to start wearing wooly jumpers, but I'm loving this pom-pom cable jumper from UO.

 How awesome is this book?  I'm sure I could put it to good use.

This letter set is so cute - if I haven't already mentioned, I have a thing for stationery!  I found it here.

This beautiful embroidered cushion from IKEA - can you believe it's less than £10?

Ok, so I'll stop there.  I've not overdone it and instead have given you a little taster of some of the stuff I've been adding to the ever-growing list of lovely things I desire; so until next time.

Cheerio :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Hello.  I've just been randomly looking through bits and pieces on my blogger dashboard and noticed that I have written 99 posts to date... that means this is my 100th blog post!!  This feels like a bit of a landmark for me - I know I've not been at this long, and I'm still learning and evolving as time goes by, but I'm quite chuffed that I've reached this number and noticed in time for me to give it it's own special mention.

I'm fully getting back into the swing of things and have planned a couple of new posts including a fresh wishlist and some inspirational art.

I hope your Tuesday has been fine :)

- Lois xx

Monday, 15 August 2011


Hello.  As promised I've put together a little post to introduce the newest addition to my family - Betty.  She's the cutest little pug dog I've ever met and has been cracking me up non-stop since the moment we got her!  She's 17 months old, so still quite young and full of energy.  She has a great sense of humour (not sure if she realises yet) and is really sweet and well behaved.

Isn't she beautiful?  I've become one of those people who talks to their friends about their pets all the time.  I just can't help myself though - she keeps us so entertained!  Honestly, I've never met such a silly creature.

- Lois xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer so far (catch up)

Well since we last spoke (before the mini blog-break) I've been up to so much I can't remember all of it to mention, but the main things are: I have moved house, been to three music festivals, witnessed two of my best friends get married, found out I'm going to be an Auntie, and got a dog!!  Yep a dog!  We only got her a few days ago so she's still getting used to us, but everything has been going really well and she seems really happy to be living here with us (I'll share more in a separate post).

 (moving day)

Life in general is sweet.  I'm loving our new flat and our new little family (the dog by the way - I'm not preggo!) and at the risk of sounding smug, I'm feeling really happy right now :)

Ok Lois, calm down.  So now I just need to channel some of that positive energy into something productive.  I have started a few new projects and have a few ideas bubbling around up there.  In fact, I found the time away from the online community quite refreshing (as well as frustrating, I'm not going to lie) and was surprised at how inspired I still was although I had none of my usual inspirational input available.  It pays to take a break sometimes - lesson learned.

So watch this space for updates on how my latest projects are going, and keep your fingers crossed for me that my motivation keeps up!

- Lois xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

I'm baaaaaack!

Hello again! Wow it's been ages... much longer than I anticipated. I'm sorry.  I honestly didn't think it would take this long to get back on track, but it did!  Thanks to no internet for a month and a broken laptop (just been fixed), I've been going crazy not being able to update, upload, or edit anything within my online world.  Anyway, that's enough moaning, now to look onwards - woohoo!

I have sooooo much to tell you, but I'm going to hang on and do it in a number of posts rather than dump it all in this one (exciting stuff though!).  So here we are, it's good to be back.  I hope your summer's been great so far :)

Lois xx