Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Red Lips

I'm experimenting with my make-up (well just using stuff I don't usually - not that exciting I suppose).  I've got so many things in my make-up bag(s) that I never use, and some of it is really great stuff, so I'm trying to make the effort of using things up.  This is also part of my mission to reduce the amount of space I inhabit (it's getting too much!).  I don't like throwing things away, which is part of the problem, so using it up or giving it away are my only options and not many people are up for second-hand make-up.

Anyway, this is me experimenting with red lipstick.  I never wear red lipstick - mostly because my boyfriend laughs at me when I put it on, therefore making me feel a little ridiculous ("because I wasn't expecting it" he says), but I really love the look of it on other people.  Maybe it's because I never wear it that it's such a shock to people (and myself) and maybe I should just wear it more often to avoid this reaction in the future.  Hmm...

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