Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer so far (catch up)

Well since we last spoke (before the mini blog-break) I've been up to so much I can't remember all of it to mention, but the main things are: I have moved house, been to three music festivals, witnessed two of my best friends get married, found out I'm going to be an Auntie, and got a dog!!  Yep a dog!  We only got her a few days ago so she's still getting used to us, but everything has been going really well and she seems really happy to be living here with us (I'll share more in a separate post).

 (moving day)

Life in general is sweet.  I'm loving our new flat and our new little family (the dog by the way - I'm not preggo!) and at the risk of sounding smug, I'm feeling really happy right now :)

Ok Lois, calm down.  So now I just need to channel some of that positive energy into something productive.  I have started a few new projects and have a few ideas bubbling around up there.  In fact, I found the time away from the online community quite refreshing (as well as frustrating, I'm not going to lie) and was surprised at how inspired I still was although I had none of my usual inspirational input available.  It pays to take a break sometimes - lesson learned.

So watch this space for updates on how my latest projects are going, and keep your fingers crossed for me that my motivation keeps up!

- Lois xx

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