Thursday, 15 September 2011

little peeks of me

Hi.  You may or may not have noticed that I don't post an awful lot of pictures of myself on this Blog.  I do try, but I'm not all that great at taking self-portraits and I feel a bit silly asking the boyf to take pictures of me - I just feel a little vain and self-conscious posing in front of someone.  Therefore I've decided to improve my skills and dedicate a little time to taking a good self-portrait.

 As you can see I find it a lot easier taking pictures of 'bits' of me.  These are fine, but I'm finding that the majority of my self portraits end up being like one of the above (also see my profile picture to the left!).

I like reading blogs where I can see what the person looks like, so I should make it my mission to add more (good) photos of myself to this one.  I need to invest in a remote for my SLR camera, but in the meantime I will have to make do with the timer function and arms-length shots.

If you are wanting to do something similar, I have read a couple of good posts on this very subject here and here - take a look, they offer some great advice.

Cheerio for now :)


  1. lovely photos! i really like your brogues/oxfords (whichever you call them) and that leather bag is gorgeous too!
    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :)
    Faye xo

  2. Love those tights and the oxfords! Thanks for popping by my blog <3 Sarah from G+N