Sunday, 25 September 2011

One year

Today I am celebrating my one year blog anniversary.  Yep, it was one year ago today that I said hello to the world and wrote this post and since then I have learned a lot about the online community... although I still have a long way to go before I can say I know what I'm doing!  It's fun to read through some of my old posts and goals with hindsight... this one about how much I wanted a pug - and now I have Betty!  Dream come true.

Or this one about when we had a snow day... time off work to play?  We were all children again.

January was when I started a few of my regular features such as the wishlist, inspired posts and the Sunday walk (which I need to do another of soon).  I also wrote this short but fun post about my friends cat.

February was my birthday and when I made my list (above).  My progress is ok - I've done about 18 (well started at least).  I'll post an update soon.

More features were born such as Home Envy and Girl Crush...

I still have a lot of ideas for this blog.  I want to post more things about my everyday life and my dreams and plans for my online shop.  I want to make more of an effort with my photography, and I'm going to make a new blog banner.  I want to post more pictures of my home, my city and myself.  I'm going to be brave and take more self-portraits.  This is all a learning process for me and I use this platform to experiment, so just as a forewarning - not everything will work!

There, now I've said it I've got to do it.

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