Friday, 30 September 2011


Hello people!  Today it has been hot hot hot in Sheffield - Autumn it seems has disappeared and Summer is back in full swing!  The parks are full of people having BBQ's and playing ball games.  Me and Floyd has our tea outside (which we didn't think would happen again this year). Super!

Anyways, I'm back here today with more items for my wishlist.  Check them out...

These pots are amazing!  They remind me of a character from 'Button Moon'.

I really love this photo-album from Paperchase.  I might have to add it to my Xmas list.

I'm amazed by this beautiful pop-up book called 'little tree' - found here.

Loving this simple yet classic skirt from Zara.

Also in love with this classic looking skirt from Spotted Moth - it's called the 'Annie Hall', one of my all time favourite films!

These pretty little Chelsea boots would go perfectly.

This print featuring pugs is just awesome - I must have it for our flat!

So the weekend begins... I have many plans and jobs to be getting on with.  Lets hope a hangover doesn't get in the way of any of them eh?

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